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Aug 9, 2004
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Hi :hiya:
Does anybody know if a standard Sky set top box can output S-Video via the second Scart output that is usually reserved for a VCR? I would like to run my Widescreen TV and Projector off the same box without the need to upgrade to Sky+. I need to keep the RGB connection to the main TV. I currently have the white Pace box that looks similar to the common Sky+ box (sorry no model number).

Thanx for any help. :smashin:
I am fairly sure that it does not, at least my pace digi box does not. newer models might and I know that sky+ does. You can get rgb to svideo converters perhaps there is one that will allow 2 outputs from one source? You could then convert the rgb signal to svideo and have both displays in that format
They don't as standard. However, some Grundig boxes have an 's' socket 'round the back (e.g., GDS-210/2, -310/2, -3000). Recommend you hunt one down (classifieds on here ?).

Thanks for the replies. :smashin:

Sky is fed to the projector via my Super VHS recorder that is shortly to be retired to make way for my brand new shiny DAB unit (limited space). The S-Video of my projector connects to the S-Video output on my Video. To view Sky, I have to select the Sky input on my video. Admittedly the picture quality is pants as the connection between the Sky box and the video is at a composite level. I do have the intentions to upgrade to Sky+ in a few months, but I was just hoping there was a short stop gap solution until such a time. I suppose I can cope with not being able to view Sky on the projector for a few months. :thumbsdow
The last (& best) box Grundig made was the GDS3000. As far as I know this was the last box to have S-VHS out (unless you go for Sky+).
Note:The GDS2000 also has S-VHS out and is usually a bit cheaper, but it is a little slower than the GDS3000.
Both models regularly appear on Ebay, I paid £45 + postage for an 'as new' GDS3000, I could have got a GDS2000 for about £30.

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