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Hi :hiya:
Does anybody know if a standard Sky set top box can output S-Video via the second Scart output that is usually reserved for a VCR? I would like to run my Widescreen TV and Projector off the same box without the need to upgrade to Sky+. I need to keep the RGB connection to the main TV. I currently have the white Pace box that looks similar to the common Sky+ box (sorry no model number).

Thanx for any help. :smashin:


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They don't as standard. However, some Grundig boxes have an 's' socket 'round the back (e.g., GDS-210/2, -310/2, -3000). Recommend you hunt one down (classifieds on here ?).



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Thanks for the replies. :smashin:

Sky is fed to the projector via my Super VHS recorder that is shortly to be retired to make way for my brand new shiny DAB unit (limited space). The S-Video of my projector connects to the S-Video output on my Video. To view Sky, I have to select the Sky input on my video. Admittedly the picture quality is pants as the connection between the Sky box and the video is at a composite level. I do have the intentions to upgrade to Sky+ in a few months, but I was just hoping there was a short stop gap solution until such a time. I suppose I can cope with not being able to view Sky on the projector for a few months. :thumbsdow


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The last (& best) box Grundig made was the GDS3000. As far as I know this was the last box to have S-VHS out (unless you go for Sky+).
Note:The GDS2000 also has S-VHS out and is usually a bit cheaper, but it is a little slower than the GDS3000.
Both models regularly appear on Ebay, I paid £45 + postage for an 'as new' GDS3000, I could have got a GDS2000 for about £30.

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