S-Video on Sony KV28FQ70


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Dec 4, 2002
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I'm trying to input an S-video signal from my DVD player (Sony DAVS-880, no RGB) into my TV. The instruction manual states that the AV3 port will accept an S-Video signal.

I purchased a S-video to Scart lead, plugged it in and the picture came out black and white. I know the player is outputting correctly because when I plugged it into the front S-video port (AV4) the picture was fine.

Whats going on? Is the cable at fault or do I have to adjust my telly?

Many thanks.
Not 100% sure but if you have an option to cycle through the AV connections on the tv remote you should find one that is OK.

Same happens on my Panasonic.

Yes, thought of that, but the A/V button only seems to cycle through the various ports (AV1, AV2 etc.) I will have another look to make sure though - thanks.


Does anyone actually own the tv or its bigger brother who could let me know what to do.
Hi There,

I have the FQ70 and a Sony DAVS550.

When i got these I purchased a Monster S-Video to Scart.

I have this from the DVD player to AV3 and have had no problems, the only thing I can think of, is making sure that AV3 is set to S-Video.

Hope this helps. :rolleyes:
Hi Eeper,

Are you using a PAL or an NTSC disk?

If the dvd you're using is region 1 NTSC, then the problem on this thread could help you.
Thanks folks.

I plugged it all up again yesterday and it mysteriously started to work!! No changes, just plug and un-plug. Go figure...


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