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I hope someone can hele me out, I have a few newbie questions that I hope you may be able to help with.

I currently have a PS2 / Gamecube / SKY+ / DVD player all using s-video into my current 36" Tosh telly. On the other side of the wall to the Telly is my kitchen where I am installing a 22" LCD Telly.

What I would like to be able to do is watch whatever is on the 36" telly on the 22" telly, additionally I have found this at Maplin


By the looks of the matrix switcher I should be able to say watch SKY on the 36" telly and play PS2 on the 22" telly, or watch the same input on both tellys ?

Has anyone ever tried one of these ?
Are ther any other resonable (under £100) options out there ?
Is this too good to be true ?

Thanks for you time



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Looks as though it would do what you want, I`m curious as to why you are using S/Video from your DVD and Sky+ to your 36" TV and not RGB scart ?


Actually that is what i'm doing at the moment, the only problem is the flat panel on the other wall only has an s-video in, no scart.

Therefore I need to move all my connections to s-video, also it appeared that the only matrix switch nox I could find was s-video based anyways

Hope this makes sense ?

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