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S-video input for SONY KDL-V40A12U


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Over the last few days I have mounted and connected my new Sony KDL-V40A12U.
I have my PS2 on the component input.AV4
Sky+ on scart AV1
and my Sony Dav-s500 on scart AV2. This uses a S-video to scart cable.

However, the DVD picture from the DAV is only black and white.
I have also tried the play station with a S-video cable into the same scart and it too is the same.

I took the DAV with the same cable to another tv using the same cable and it is fine.

According to the connection spec in the LCD manual the scart inputs are CENELEC standards, surely a TV of this standard accepts the S-video format to the scarts????

Help, I dont want to buy another DVD player just yet......


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Welcome to the strange world of Sony cost cutting.

On my S32 the scarts don't accept S-Video either. I have to take the S-Video into the S-Video socket on the left hand side or watch things in Black and White.

From reading this forum, it seems like the V series with its 3 Scarts also suffer from a lack of S-Video.

Why Sony... Why? How much extra can it really cost to add a fully equiped Scart connection.


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Forgot to say but if you're going to use S-Video then use a proper S-Video cable rather than a scart, much better connection method.
jsdc said:
Why Sony... Why? How much extra can it really cost to add a fully equiped Scart connection.
SCART is a mess of a standard. S-Video capability was cobbled into it later. It can either accept RGB and Composite, or S-Video and Composite. Some TVs let you select exactly what sort of signal you're feeding in, but it seems like the Sony TVs are too simplified and including this option might confuse idiots, so they haven't included it.


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Yep, Just checked the specs and it seems that all 3 scarts are RGB enabled which should mean they don't carry S-Video.

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