s-video headache



hi all
can u help?
i have a sanyo projector with s-video in and a pacific dvd player with s-video out cant get a picture atall it works with composite no problem any ideas what the problem is?


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A few more details please. What lead are you using?

If scart do you have a switchable one or one-way? Some leads are Scart to s-video others s-video to Scart. Presuming your DVD is scart you would need a Scart to s-video (or a switchable one).


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Can you test the cable with a meter or substitute it with another S-video cable ? Can you try the DVD player and cable into a TV to test ?
What's the projector model ?


the cable works going from my tv to the capture card on my pc but its b/w


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Is the DVD player setup to output S-Video?

From memory, my Toshiba SD330 can be set to output RGB through the SCART (which is good for region 1 NTSC to my telly) or S-Video.

If the RGB option is selected, the S-Video output from the S-Video connection is disabled as well.

Might be worth going through the players set-up menu.

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