S-Video Gamecube?



I've now got 3 s-video leads for my gamecube and none of them work. I want to hook it up via my AV amp for convenience and the composite looks crap!
It is a UK machine and all my leads were bought in UK stores (not on-line)

Is there a menu or something that I'm missing? Or are they being sold as PAL when they are actually only for NTSC machines?

Any ideas?

Richard - someone really should have told you this by now - especially the stores where you have been buying you S-Video Leads.

The PAL Gamecube does not support S-Video Out. Nintendo implemented RGB at the expense of losing S-Video though neglected to tell most people about it :rolleyes:.

The NTSC machines do output S-Video along with Component Video and RGB via a cable modification.
The best solution is to buy an official RGB cable, you can then plug this into a SCART Splitter from Argos (Product code 534/0370). From here you can take a phono output to the amp.

I have this now for home set up, and I have not noticed any quality difference (except that a digital audio output from the Cube would be much better!). I use it for my Sky, DVD and Cube and am most happy with it.
Well, bummer actually,
Thanks for the info gents.
Off to Argos.
Thanks really to Neoblade who originally suggested the splitter to me :)
Aww... shucks ^_^ Its a good way to get round a rather universal problem though.

Plus its nice to see that a normal phono + video switchbox will do to switch between Component cables (as tested by McPastry). Now I can hook up my DVD player, Gamecube, PS2 and (soon) Xbox via Component ^_^

BTW if you've still got those S-Video cables around just trade them in for an RGB cable, you should get some cash off the overall price.

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