S-video controller for Hitachi 400e



Hello people :hiya:

Great forum :smashin: I just joined it today!
I,m from norway and could`t find any good norwegian forums, then I ran across "av forums" and this seems great for entusiasts.

Anyway I need some good advise :confused:
I`ve got the Hitaci 400e plasma coming my way.
The problem is how am I going connect my sources to the screen.
I`ve got my DVD, Digital Sattelitte, X-box, VHS.

I thoght it might be nice to use a remote\automatic s-video\scart switch-box (as all these sources have a s-video\scart out).

I saw the add at the top of this site from "s technology" but this box only got 2 inputs :(

Another q is will sutch a box give me a good quality image.
And is there a better way to go.
An answer from people that got this plasma and have xperimentet with various inputs for best image q would be awsome.

Any input on this would be great!
And please post links to good produckts

Thanks in advance :cool:
The svideo input is not the best quality one to use on my 400e.

Try to use component or if not possible rgb component synced on composite.

I use this - http://www.qed.co.uk/cables/sqart/av19.html

Picture seems as good if not better than component however i cannot use progressive scan - whether this is an issuse on an alis panel is a whole different disscusion :)
Thanks for the tip man :)

But there is only one rgb\component input, isnt there?
So i need one for my digital sat reciever, xbox, vhs and dvd.
Do you know if the scart switch boxes support rgb\component.
And is there any good switch that support 4 inputs?

What os going to be handling your audio? If you have not sorted that out yet you could get an AV reciever capable of upconverting all your inputs to component (like the Denon 3803) and route eveything through that.
That would be a very nice setup Darren.

But i`ve alredy got a 5.1 amp that is not capable of doing this :suicide:

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