S-VIDEO Connection on Sanyo Z2.


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OK, Here goes. Now that I have decided on getting a Z2 for my first projector, I would like to ask for some information on connectivity.

My DVD Player has only has RGB SCART & NTL Box is also RGB SCART out.

To connect up to the PJ, I am thinking of :

NTL Box : RGB SCART -> S-VIDEO on amp

I don't know if this is the best way to connect, I am not a very good connection's guy!!

Is this a viable way to connect, or is there better?.


hmmm... im also not an expert, but if you are gonna get the z2, you should treat it to a half decent dvd player.... with at least a dedicated s-video socket, and preferably component video, which i assume your amp could take??

remember, that you wont be looking at a 21inch crt anymore......

good luck, im sure whatever you do, you will enjoy your z2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well done for taking the plunge!!



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I agree with krlock, you'd be far better off investing something like £150 on a decent but cheap DVD player, something like a Sony 730, which can feed component into the Z2 .. or a cheap DVI-equipped one like a Samsung, only trouble with those is that none are distributed in this country AFAIK, you'd need to import.

Using S-Video on the Z2 would be a real waste .. your alternative would be to get an RGB->Component converter but that'll cost a good part of the price of a 730 or similar.

Plug the NTL box and the DVD player into the PJ and use the remote to select source.

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In order of best input to worst it goes something like:
DVI/HDMI (digital), Component (analogue), RGB Scart (analogue), S-Video (analogue), Composite (analogue).

If you go to the high street, you can get a JVC scart lead that ends in component YPbPr phonos (as opposed to the scart-----compsite+audio lead). This lead is around £13 from dixons/Currys.

So I'd suggest:

DVD: RGB SCART-------Component (not vid+aud) on proj
NTL BOX: RGB SCART--S-Video on proj

Amp: shouldn't need to connect this to your projector at all.

PS yes, you read that right, scart to component not the usual scart to video and audio. I'm pretty sure cos I checked the box twice. (JVC VX-217 scart rgb to 3 phono lead YBR)


If the DVD player outputs RGB via scart, a cable (such as that from JVC) will not give component out. If the Z2 accepts "scart" RGB via its component connections, then it's basically a different way of getting RBG into the PJ.

A few DVD players can output component via scart but they are the execption.

As KraGorn says, you'll need an RGB/component convertor but I too would recommend a new DVD player (component or DVI).


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