S-Video by SCART?


Ian Vinten

I've got a Sony DAVS500 and am about to buy a Tosh 32ZD26 to go with it. The only problem I've found witht he DAVS500 is that it only outputs colour by S-Video for everything other than R2. Having never used S-Video before I'm a bit confused.

On the back of the 32ZD26 there are Scart sockets that say S-Video on them; are these 'true' S Video sockets even though they are not round like the S-Video output on the back of my DVD player? It'd be slightly annoying to fork out £1000 for a TV that plays most things in black and white.


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You´ll just need an S-Video to Scart lead and probably have to assign the input on the TV to pick up S-Video (if it doesn´t by default).


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Ian, you should be ok.
SCART isn't a format of video, it's a convenient connection 'device'.

And the SCART connector has pins allocated to the S-video format.

Several firms sell a lead that has S-video connector on one end, and a SCART lead at the other.

Oh! Where is your audio processed? If it is on a seperate amp then I guess you've already planned the audio cabling, but if the Tosh TV is supposed to get the Sony's audio, then you need a lead that is two rca connectors and the s-video lead to the SCART.

Doesn't the Sony have S-video out on it's SCART connector?

www.lektopaks.com is one firm that I have used in the past.

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