S Korean Police search Samsung Offices over OLED Tech Theft from LG


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LG say they weren't the ones to call the cops

Reports are emerging that the South Korean police have searched the offices of Samsung's display division in connection with alleged technology theft, specifically relating to OLED.

According to Bloomberg, investigators at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency entered the HQ in Seoul to search for incriminating documents. It's believed that the police are investigating whether some of LG's tech partners may have leaked their secrets to their biggest rival in the emerging sector.

It's not the first time the authorities have intervened between the two, last year six LG employees were charged over theft of OLED technology from Samsung.

“We have no reason to steal other companies' technology, as we have the world's best OLED technology,” Jun Eun Sun, a spokeswoman for Samsung told Bloomberg.


LG has come out to say they weren't the ones to blow the whistle:

“The latest investigation is related to large-sized OLED TV panel technology, but the police have made the allegation themselves,” Son Young Jun, a LG Display spokesman

Back in February , the two companies formed a kind of entente cordiale where they agreed to drop patent disputes against one another in the hope they could foster some co-operation going forwards, probably because of advancements Panasonic has made in its OLED production techniques which threaten the possibility that the Japanese company will undercut the Koreans' prices when they eventually come to market with OLED TVs.

LG is still struggling to produce large screen OLED effectively, whilst Samsung has yet to ship any of its 55-inch OLEDs and, when they do, the prices are likely to be extremely high.

Source: Bloomberg


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The oled war continues between lg n samsung i see..


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LG and Samsung work with each other. They jointly develop and manufacture. I have worked on an LG production line in Samsung premises.

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