Question S/h B&W CDM-1NT or BNIB Focal Aria 906

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers' started by Joie de Vivre, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Bowers & Wilkins CDM-1NT

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  2. Focal Aria 906

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    I am from Indonesia and I am new to this forum, although I've been reading this forum every now and then.

    At the moment, my setup is B&W 685 series 1, paired with Roksan Kandy K2, Audiolab M-DAC for digital sources, and Rega RP1 for analog listening. I don't consider myself an expert on hi-fi, just an gadget enthusiast who loves listening to music. :rotfl:

    The aluminum dome on my 685 (both left and right) is messed up (thanks to my 3 yo boy) and hence I am looking to fix it. While i'm at it, my Gear Acquiring Syndrome (GAS) is telling me to look around for a new pair of speakers :facepalm:.

    Long story short, at the moment I am considering between a pair of B&W CDM-1NT (second-hand, good condition, minor cosmetic damage only) and a brand new Focal Aria 906.

    I've had a demo session of the focal Aria 906, and boy they were good! They were paired with a Naim integrated (forgot the model but quite sure they were around 50/60 W per channel. It certainly have a different character compared to my 685. The bass is not as punchy (still enough punch for me, though), the vocal is weighted, forward, and well-staged.

    Some people consider CDM-1 series as one of the best valued speakers B&W has ever made (even better now as they pre-owned). However I haven't had a chance to have a listen at them, As the owner live quite far from where I'm at.

    So here I am looking to hear suggestions from avforumers. Which one has which character if paired with my Kandy K2/should I consider other brands of speakers? All suggestions are welcome. I'm also making a poll, just because. :clap:

    Thank you AV Forums! :thumbsup:

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