S-302 : Network Problems


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My new S-302 crashes my home network evertime I switch the unit on! I am connecting by WIFI and have tried both a predefined IP address and letting my router assign the IP address by DHCP.

I have had intermittent sucess at connecting the DENON to the home network but have never suceeded in getting the internet radio feature working. Frustratingly there does not seem to be a way to switch off the USB/Network option so at the moment I can't use the unit at the same time as the internet.

I have yet to try a cable conncetion (40m away).

I was wondering if any other use has encountered similar problems or have any suggestions on how to resolve this.


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Try setting your router to transmit on a different channel. Some equipment have problems with communicating on channels 11 and above. Maybe worth a shot!

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Thanks - I did start on Channel 6 and moved to 11 - without sucess, but I'll ty another one. I also have just read that perhaps I shoud switch off the UPnP on my router (Netgear WPN824). I'll let you know how I go.


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It appears the problem lay with the UPnP option being on in the Router set-up, although exactly why I don't have a clue....

All seems to be working (for now).

Thanks to all.


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