rxv 2600 green flash with hdmi


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hi all have searched but couldnt find an answer so here goes..

yammy rxv2600 connected to my panny ax100 pj by hdmi (10m)

whenever i am whatching something up converted to hdmi i get green flashes across the middle of the screen, at first it was rare but now it is happening quite regular, now i am led to believe that hdmi lead lengths are an issue in some cases however when i watch my dvd player (pioneer 696) which is hdmi thru then there is no probs at all...

any help would be much appreciated:lease:

or am i looking at returning it?:rolleyes:


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can anybody help me out,

ive just come off the phone with the shop where i got it and its gonna be away for about 3-4 weeks and he has none to lend me either

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