RX100v battery problem


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Hey guys and gals need some help I have a Sony RX100V that I use for slow motion video but the battery being a tiny little sucker doesn’t last very long.

I purchased a dummy battery pack and made a 3.7v external battery pack.

NP-BX1 Dummy Battery Pack DK-X1 DC Coupler For Sony DSC-RX1 DSC-RX100 RX1R | eBay

When I insert the dummy battery to the camera and connect it to the battery pack then turn the camera on it starts up then I have to enter the language and date and time then it turns off every time, and I have tried a thousand times.
I have tested the battery pack at the dummy battery terminals and it reads correct at 4.8v which is what the Sony battery tests at fully charged.

I’ve been told to use a USB power supply but I’m reluctant to try that because a USB power supply is 5 volt.

Thoughts and suggestions please.



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I wonder if there is something in the genuine battery that isn't being read? Normally LIon batteries have an extra terminal for the mid-voltage (for the charging process) - but that shouldn't be an issue when filming. It's odd that you are forced to enter new details . . . I swap batteries without this happening ( Sony NEX5).
Could the camera be performing a battery-check that's not returning the right voltage ?.... your reading is at zero-load presumably - what happens at 100mA for example? (R load = 40 ohms, as I'm sure you know ). Finding a resistor if you don't do electronics is mighty difficult - can you find a Radio Amateur locally? They could be a sure source.

FWIW I can't imagine 1v would matter, as many cameras have a USB-charging socket intended to be used with an external supply. There would be an internal dropper circuit.



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Thanks Harry, I have connected up the USB cable to the camera mini USB port with the original battery installed and that has solved my problem.


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