RX-V6A - HDR problems, owners thread to long :(


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anything plays fine if you connect the media player directly to the TV, but as soon as the RX-V6A is connected:
media player -> (HDMI1) yamaha RX-V6A (TV OUT) -> TV

i can only watch non HDR/HDR10+ movies at 4k or 1080p and lower - anything else the TV starts spinning the "i keep spinning, they keep waiting wheel - inside the chips all have a party looking at the dumb user in front of it..." for a few seconds then the TV shows the blue background and the no power from source information.

when connected directly (media player) to the TV, the Samsung Neo QLED shows some information about enhancing the picture quality for HDR or HDR10+ movies, so it recognizes HDR/HDR10+

I updated the device to the latest firmware (1.48) and it shows a star in front of the firmware - according to the yamaha support this means that the receiver is not one with faulty HDMI chips, apparently there were some problems with defect HDMI chips in the last year.

ive tried various thing, all with the same result: no picture.
- switching to 4k Mode, 1,2,3
- new cables - got 3 new hdmi cables now. in the description they all say 4k 120hz is supported - they should be able to play [email protected], right?
- resetting the yamaha
  • different movies
  • hdmi control off

what todo?


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I had something similar with a slightly older Samsung and the Yamaha 3070 receiver using a Zidoo Z10 pro and found I had to enable HDMI control on the TV and amp in order not to see a blank screen, the TV kept turning off the deep colour setting which stopped the picture showing dam frustrating until I found the right setting.
I still get some stutter playing 4K at 24fps, but that's down to the player.

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