Rx-v671 3d


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Hi I wonder if anyone can help.
I have a blue ray 3d player which goes into rxv671.
on the receiver hdmi out I have a hdmi cable going into a neet hdmi splitter, which has two outs one to plasma and one to projector an optoma GT750.
So far everything works fine i get two feeds one to plasma and one to PJ. That is until I play a 3d bluray in this setup it will only play in 2D unless i un plug the receivers out hdmi from the splitter and plug it straight into the PROJECTOR then the 3D works fine.
Splitter at fault I hear you say mmmmmmm ? ive tried all different combinations one being hdmi straight from bluray to splitter then hdmi to PJ and this works in 3D fine so cant be splitter, Ive changed all cables and all work straight to splitter from player.
my conclusion is going through the receiver then the splitter wont work for
3D, bypassing splitter works fine, so does the receiver change 3D signal somehowe that it wont work going through the splitter.
There is an obvious issue with the receiver and the splitter.
The signal going through receiver straight to pj works.
The signal straight from 3d bray player through splitter to pj works.
The signal through receiver then splitter doesnt work in 3D, only works in 2D
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