RX-V667 intermittent blank audio input


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Hi there,
My RX-V667 has started occasionally misbehaving. It generally works perfectly fine, but sometimes when I switch inputs and start playing something (whether it's from the TV via ARC/HDMI or from the Virgin V+ box via HDMI or sometimes even via optical from my PC) the audio input stays silent, and the built-in display doesn't show any recognition of an input audio signal. It's usually only resolved by powering it off, then on again.

During this time the video from the V+ box works fine (there's no video for the ARC feed from the TV or optical from the PC of course).

Any ideas? Anyone else had this issue by some remote chance? Thank you very much!


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When I was set up my RX-0V471 I had this issue (same symptoms no audio or recognition of an input) with my PC input which is connected via DVI > HDMI and optical cable. The first time I resolved just by turning off the Receiver and turning it back on again. But it did it again and nothing I did seemed to resolve.

In the end I unplugged HDMI cable from one DVI port on the graphics card and plugged it into the other DVI port on the same graphics card and touch wood it hasn't happened again since.


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OK, thank you.
I called Richer Sounds and was told that this can happen if the receiver is already on, and then you turn on another device - their advice was to power-cycle the receiver or make sure it's the last thing to be turned on. Not ideal advice really (and doesn't make that much sense), but it's not a major issue yet so I'll live with it for now.

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