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I'm a bit of a newbie to AV receivers and surround/home cinema set-ups etc. Wonder if someone can answer some questions for me/give me some advise.

I have just bought a Yamaha rx-v357 (AV 57 pack)..

I have it connected to a Sony DVD player via digital coax (it supports Dolby Digital and DTS and is currently set to output surround sound).

The AV receiver is currently set to an automatic mode where it detects the signal being received and sets the surround mode accordingly.

I have tried DVDs with DTS and dolby digital and the receiver sets the mode to PCM and will only let me select Pro Logic, Pro logic enhanced, pro logic II etc. There is a button to set it manually to DTS but no sound is then heard (manual states this will happen if no DTS signal is being received). There is also a button to set 5.1 or matrix 6.1, when pressing this it is set to Auto or off... Auto is the setting being used but will not change the mode.

I have checked the manual and there are indicator lights/symbols for Digital and DTS but these never show/I'm unable to select the mode.

Is it something I'm doing wrong? Am I correct in assuming if playing a DTS/digital DVD and it is set to auto it should detect this and select that mode? Or at least let me select it manually?

I have also tried this on my Playstation 2 connected with an Optical cable and the results are the same.. Multiple films tried and also tried some PS2 games..

What am I missing?

(Sorry for the long post)..




I have inly just gone and found yet more options on the DVD player... namely those for DTS being off and Digital being set to PCM...

Only question that leaves is about the PS2... Optical is set to on and surround is on.. I guess there's more settings there too!!

See I told ya... Newbie..



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i dont think games from a console or PC can actually send a dolby digital signal to a decoding amp........mainly because only the soundtrack for the game could be dolby digital, the game sounds cant because that would require a realtime dolby digital encoding engine to be used......and i dont see that being available on a PS2, given that its not available on the most expensive home consumer PC soundcards....lol....
so games should only be showing up as PL2, movies played on the PS2 however should transmit over the optical as Dolby Digital if i remember correctly....


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oh, dont think the PS2 has DTS passthrough tho, not as far as im aware anyway...so DTS wont happen....


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For DVD playback on the PS2, you need to go into the DVD player options to enable Dolby Digital and DTS output, which I remember being done by stopping the movie and pressing SELECT. This does not affect game audio.

Games that carry the Dolby Digital logo will output 5.1 Dolby Digital only during cutscenes, and 2-channel PCM during gameplay. The latter will however be either Dolby Surround or Pro Logic II encoded, depending on the game and sometimes on in-game settings.

Incidentally, there have been a few games on the PS2 with in-game DTS. The Coherent Acoustics compression algorithm of DTS is easier to manage than the AC-3 algorithm of Dolby Digital, but still DTS is too much of a burden on the PS2 for it to have gotten established.

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