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I am under the impression that the rx-v1900 can pass component video through the hdmi out to the tv, I have tried all the settings in the manual setup menu but can seem to get my wii's component signal thats plugged in to the dvd input to pass through the hdmi to my tv unless I unplug the dvd hdmi input, its a pain having to plug in and out the that hdmi from the dvd player, any help would be much appreciated


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I ran into this myself , in my case I had an old Pioneer 595 DVD player connected via component and a WDTV connected via HDMI , both to the DVD input.

It would seem it cannot be done , you cannot have two video sources connected to one named input. If you do it defaults to the higher quality connection every time , so for instance the HDMI device always works the component doesn't, unless the HDMI is not connected.

In my case I didnt really expect it to work , it is only one channel after all ... I just tried it to see if it would.
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If i remember correctly all the inputs on the 1900 are assignable. Which Input button on the front of receiver are you selecting. DVD? or another input to select between the DVD player and the wii? Can you assign the wii to button video 1 and assign the input on the back of the receiver to link to that button.

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