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Aug 15, 2020
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I have two issues with this receiver.

The first is that the output level to the sub woofer does not seem to be functioning properly. I've been in contact with the sub manufacturer a number of times and they have eliminated it as being the cause of the problem and suggested I contact Yamaha. Yamaha's tech support is currently not staffed with enough tier 2 agents to respond in a reasonable time frame. The problem is that the signal to the sub is not strong enough to keep the sub on not to mention perform as it should. There is hardly any bass at all. I've done a test tone while adjusting the sub decibel level and although there is some sound present, it does not get louder even all the way up to 10 decibels. Adjusting the decibel level of the speakers causes a very noticeable volume increase but not for the sub. Changing the phase has no effect either. I've tested the cable and it is functioning properly eliminating it as the cause. The output level is so low that at times the sub turns off because it does not sense a signal. I'm not sure what else to test or adjust to correct this major problem. Also, this receiver is brand new and this has been an issue from when I first set it up a few weeks ago.

The second issue is when I play DSD music via the Audio3 coaxial input. I have a high-end digital audio player that is connected via a coaxial cable to the Audio3 input jack. It plays non DSD files correctly but when it is a DSD file, it will not play it in DSD mode. I have to change the setting on the DAP from DSD to PCM and only then will it play. The problem with that is that in PCM mode it reduces the sampling rate to 88 khz which is much lower than it should be for high resolution music files especially DSD. The specs for this receiver say that it does play DSD files so I'm wondering what I need to do to get it to play these DSD files from my digital audio player?

Thanks to all helpers.
Issue #1 solved. I wasn't sure what the volume of the sub-woofer test tone should sound like so I hooked up my RX-850 to check. I then knew that the test tone from the RX-1080 was not loud enough when connected to sub jack 1. Now that I had a reference point, I switched the sub cable to the sub-woofer jack 2 and checked the test tone level again. The sound level of the sub-woofer test tone for the RX-1080 was now exactly the same as the RX-850. There is even a low rumble at 0 decibels and even into the minus range which was not present on sub jack 1. This definitely proved that the sub jack 1 on my brand new Yamaha RX-1080 receiver is defective.

Still looking for the reason why DSD files will not play via the audio 3 jack. Will report back if I find out why or if and when Yamaha tech support responds to my email. Of course, if anyone here knows why please feel free to post.
With DSD files I don't think you can pass them via coaxial only HDMI. Coax will be PCM. Perhaps I'm wrong with your device but this is certainly the case with SACD players either multi channel or stereo. I own both types.

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