rwttm001's child friendly lounge 5.1 wall mount


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Hey all

After 2 and a half years of my plasma being sat on a stand in the corner of the room I'm finally getting close to doing something a little more integrated. This has mainly come about as we now have a 9 month old who has taken to crawling to the very front of the stand and gazing longingly at the tv! This, coupled with my impending 30th :eek: has finally made the Mrs see the light and let me go ahead:clap:. I'll also be taking the opportunity to get my first 5.1 sound setup too, which will either be inwall only or inwall fronts and inceiling rears to make sure the little boy can't get his little mitts on my new kit:devil:.

The lounge is actually in pretty good nick already with walnut flooring and plastered walls so this isn't a complete renovation and I'm hoping it won't take too long once we start :rolleyes:. The 2 designs we've looked at are Groove's and Drexyls.

The configuration of the room is perfect for a Groove friendly large L-shaped corner sofa and a nice corner armchair/rocking chair but as the wife has been off work for a year coffers are low (and we really like our 3/2 sofas) so we'll be keeping our furniture which means the Drexyl false chimney design is the one that's most practical. The sketchups don't show it very well but design means that the TV won't be visible to anyone sat on the left of the smaller sofa.

I've done some sketchups of the room (in 2 styles as could'nt make up my mind which looked best), and I'd appreciate some advice on a few things:
Brush Strokes






The more eagle eyed of you will notice that there's nowhere for my AV kit!:rolleyes: The designs don't show that we have an opening through to a dining area, so there's there option to house everything there, or I could do what Drexyl did and hide it in low units to the side, or lastly get some kind of small cabinet under the window to the right of the proposed chimney build. This has a couple of advantages as the feeds from my satellite dish and aerial terminate here already so would reduce the need to get these rerouted but may not look quite right and also puts my AV kit back in kiddie range so kind of defeats the object of the build!

The other thing I'd like advice on is whether the 3 front speakers should all be under the plasma, or would it be better to just have the center there and left and right in the adjacent wall sections as shown in the diagrams. Also, should the rears be housed in the side or rear walls? It might be easier to put them in the ceiling if that's an option? I need to keep costs down, would something like the Canton Inwall 500 series suffice?

I'll post some shots of the lounge as is later on which should give a better idea of the dimesions involved and the dining area where I could house the AV kit.


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Now then down to the serious bit at last :thumbsup:

You could always lower the floor say by 4 foot so the llittle`un can`t reach all the AV stuff until he`s old enough to get a clout round the lughole. :D

Or mount the AV stuff in another room and contol it remotely by sending the missus in to turn it on :devil:

Or sell the little`un :rolleyes:

Or do what your gonna do as it will look great and put the AV gear in a cupboard with glass doors so its visible if you want it to be. The idea of inwalls is good too, come for a listen to mine if you want as that`ll convince you I promise, also you can see if you like the TV/speaker wall setup as well.

Al :smashin:

PS. you know you want to :devil:


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Thanks Al,:smashin:

Promise I will one day :rolleyes:, every spare second I get away from work seems to be taken up the little un, he amazed me and mum earlier by standing on his own (propped up by a singing bus).

Here's the pics I promised earlier
Current Cabinet

Rear Right

Looking towards dining area

Rear Left / Toy Corner

Possible kit location 1

Possible kit location 2

I think the wife has a preference for option 1, need to measure up as I've just sold the table on fleabay as thats not child friendly either :eek:


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Hi Matt

that bracket is just a tilting one mate but if thats all you need it will be fine, I`ve no personal experience with extending ones other than my son Gary who did all my house install with me has used some very and I mean very expensive ones which all drooped after a while so he strongly goes against them tbh.

The tilting ones are ok but if I`m right need to be tilted and then tightened at the back for then to stay tilted.

A fixed one such as mine are basically fit and forget mate and as long as your fixings are good enough will stay up forever :smashin:

I recently bought some Bose Acoustimass 10 series 5.1 speakers for the conservatory which I`m well pleased with tbh, very wife friendly as well ;) and they do the job perfectly

BOSE® - ACOUSTIMASS® 10 Home Cinema Speaker System: Overview

These were off the classifieds as well so a real bargain tbh, they`re not particularly base heavy so won`t wake the little`un up but there`s enough to do the job well.

cheers Al :smashin:


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Evening all:thumbsup:

Sorry about the delay, have been waiting on my speakers being delivered from Germany:rolleyes: I went for Canton 500's in the end, they appear to give a good balance between sound, cost and size and I'll be using them as front and rear surrounds. I've actually been persuaded to push the front left and rear out of the false chimney and into the actual wall, I figured if I'm doing it I may as well do it right:smashin: I still have no centre or sub, they'll come in a sort of phase 2. Finally were keeping the kit in the corner where it is, for ease really as all the cable runs were fairly easy.

Anyway, some pics! First we removed the fireplace after getting the gas supply capped off:
You'll also notice the socket we had put in. It's actually a little bit high, that'll teach me to be at work when these things are being done:cool:

I used where the sparky had run the mains cable as a guide and used a long metal rod to run the speaker and HDMI cables.


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So my brother in law Andrew kindly volunteered his services and we set aside a day to make a start. I'd been to B&Q and got the timber and plasterboard, and the fixings and a few bits and bobs from Screwfix. First thing was to relay the flooring as the existing hearth came out a little too far for my liking, this will take about 2" from the depth of the false chimney but hopefully will stop the finished article dominating the room.
You can see in this shot the 3rd strip of flooring has been cut to accomodate the old hearth.

So we (Andrew) prised off the skirting and relayed it so the new chimney breast comes out 2 fulls strips of flooring. You can also the insulation used to stuff the old fire cavity.

Next thing the old cavity was sealed with a piece of plasterboard.
Next thing was to cut the coving the accomodate the false chimney.


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So we set about measuring and cutting timber to fix to the breeze block behind the plasterboard. Once our first lengths were cut we tried to fix them to the block, but soon discovered the brown plugs and long screws wouldn't cut it as our walls are aerated and drill through like fresh air so made an emergency dash to B&Q to get some special fixings.:cool:

Anyway, after we got the right gear we starting cooking with gas and the frame started to come together.




That was pretty much it for the day as I have a strict no drilling curfew nowadays:smashin:

In fact, the little man thought what we'd done made a great climbing frame. :rolleyes: 11 months old and already a handful:)




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I took an afternoon off to try to get the frame finished, I'd bought 2 brackets, a fixed one and an extending one to cover all bases. I was worried about the extending one slipping over time so planned to build the frame so the plasma would be mounted on a couple of cross timbers and would be flush minus 5mm with the front of the false chimney breast.

So I took the plasma off its base, and tried to figure out how the bracket would install but could'nt figure it out. Cue call to DIY forum legend Albriscoe, who very kindly offered to pop round and help me out, thanks Al:thumbsup:

Anyway, we got it sorted and a bit of cutting and drilling later we were sat down enjoying the fruits of our labour.



Really pleased so far, the TV height seems perfect, I'll be plasterboarding tomorrow:rolleyes:
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Coming together now :smashin:

So how deep is the false chimney? I am a few week away from starting mine as i have another little'n on the way and my media cabinet (similar to yours) give me the willies when my first started walking!


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Thanks, yes 350 was my aim, but my amp is 340 - so it may be ok LoL.

I am going to use mdf instead of plaster board as i want the surround of the tv on a hinge so when i upgrade the TV i can just change the door over. (well that's the ides :)

Can't wait to see the update, good luck!


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Well, plasterboarding is not my favourite pasttime! Didn't manage to take any in progress snaps but I built the inner frame around the plasma for the plasterboard to butt up against and then skinned the entire thing. Had the plasterer booked in for today til he let me down:mad: so had to put in a couple of shifts after work to get it ready. Have replacement plasterer booked in for Friday morning so all not yet lost for the weekend.

Starting to look like it belongs!






I've also cut out the walls for the speakers now I've decided to relocate them and chased the wires in. Once they're skimmed there won't be a wire in sight:thumbsup: I'll need to go into the block to give enough depth for the speakers but as they are made of fresh air it should'nt be too hard:rolleyes:



Roll on the plasterer!


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Nice work, so where's all you kit going?


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Looking good so far :smashin:


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I see, i may have to do something similar as i don't want it to come out too far into the room and with the kit in their it will LoL. Looks like i will have to get one of those Harmony remote extenders - so the natural action of pointing at the tv to change channel will be the same!

Have you thought of any similar ideas?


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I see, i may have to do something similar as i don't want it to come out too far into the room and with the kit in their it will LoL. Looks like i will have to get one of those Harmony remote extenders - so the natural action of pointing at the tv to change channel will be the same!

Have you thought of any similar ideas?

Not as yet, asI can actually point at the screen and the remote still works so the illusion is still there.:thumbsup:


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Evening all,

OK, false chimney and cable runs now skimmed and painted :thumbsup: Lee the plasterer stepped in at the 11th hour to fill the void left by the original plasterer and has done a good job :thumbsup:

Lee beading up the 'creation'

The Mrs managed to delete all my post plaster shots but did take some on my phone after it dried and I'd cut the plaster board for the centre.

Power cable and HDMI lead (with spare hidden just behind)

Lee had skimmed the cable runs after I had filled with caulk


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The day that Lee skimmed the plaster we had a bit of a nightmare as the only HDMI cable I had run I managed to bend one of the connectors and needed to run another. After a small panic I ran out to a local shopping centre and picked up another 2 cables (and with the help of assembed family who were over for the little boys birthday) and ran them. This meant undoing some of the plasterers work :thumbsdow:mad: but was necessary.


Once dried I hollowed out the speaker cavities and stuffed with insulation, which hopefully will help with sound quality.

The plaster dried, the plasma was hung and the speakers sunk into the wall



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Onto painting, we're not sure on the final chimney colour so have gone with a neutral colour which can act as undercoat for the final colour if necessary. Hallejuhah moment, first paint on:thumbsup:

Cable runs also painted (not perfect yet and I'll have to work on them to get them up to scratch)

False chimney painted and speaker in place:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Starting to see the end in sight now, need to work on the cable runs and get the skirting on. After that I'll be running the rear cables, probably behind the skirting and over the door:cool:

I'm going to go for a Canton 500 LCR for the centre so will be using the 500s as rears. Had a little play at turning up the volume on Quantum of Solace :smashin::smashin::smashin::smashin::smashin::smashin::smashin::smashin: and was pleasantly surprised, makes it all worthwhile :thumbsup:

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