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rWand vs rWand+


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I've just taken delivery of an rWand to pair with my wireless rDac. I also have an rWave which works perfectly and with out signal drop off on my MacBook pro. The rWand is a different story however. Pairing it was a simple process but the signal drop off is frustrating both on my iPhone 4 and iPad 3. Have tried a number of tweaks such as disabling the local wifi network and Bluetooth from the iDevices. Positioning the devices next to the rDac and using different audio services such as spotify and iTunes.

2 questions here, is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this or is it just a faulty device? From reading reviews there seems to be a lot of unhappy rWand customers. Given arcam's quality focus this surprises me.

Is there any real difference between the rWand and the rWand+? Mine is the previous rWand version. Perhaps the newer plus version is more stable? My research indicates that the only real difference is compatibility with the arcam app for easier setup.

Anyone other users out there with similar problems?

I love the rDac and it's sound quality coupled with the convenience of the rWave is great, having a stable rWand would comple a great setup.

Thanks for any tips :)


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This number is not available to see from the Australian search engines. Further, I note my post earlier today reporting that I had received two rWands in a row which both failed within a few hours, was deleted from AVForums. Is this ususal or does AVForums have an interest in not posting my poor experience with ARcam?


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I use Audioengine W series products for wireless audio - they work very reliably in our house, with just a blip of interference when using the microwave oven which just happens to be in the signal path between the office and the kitchen. I think that the technology is similar to the system that Arcam uses, but could be proved wrong.
Good luck in getting satisfaction from Arcam, or their distributor (if you are overseas, like me).
I replied to the similar post from davemoss, not realising that he is in Australia, before that got deleted. I think that the number listed on Arcam's r-Shop website is intended for UK customers only. I think that the correct procedure is to go back through your retailer, who will contact the country distributor, and if necessary, Arcam in the UK.

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