Ruth Kelly says we need to "address ethnic tensions"

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Here's the background story from the beeb:

Yes, the basic statements made are true. Society is becoming increasing segregated. This is through choice, as I perceive it. I don't think that anyone would argue that this is not the current status quo.

But like any government initiative, all it really does is state the obvious then conspicuously avoid publishing any ideas to deal with the matter.

Ruth would like us to have a very realistic and honest debate. Really? I think she won't like what she'll hear. Face the facts. The country is becoming increasingly racist and intolerant. This is specifically against Muslim culture and Eastern Europeans.

Despite the miss-information and hate perpetuated by the "Daily Bastard", there are some legitimate social and economic issues that stem from current UK immigartion policy.

Can we openly discuss this issue as a bulletion board or a nation without it being hijacked by both the left and right wing, shouty, point the finger, self righteous, live up their own bottom, nimby brigade?

Ian J

There used to be a notice saying that race, religion and politics were subjects best avoided here and I'm sure that we have all noticed how quickly any discussion on those subjects degenerates resulting in the thread having to be locked.

Can we nip this one in the bud please before the inevitable happens.
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