Russian war movie question - could be a long shot

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by Rambo John J, Oct 2, 2002.

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    I remember seeing a report on Sky news a few months ago about a Russian war movie set during the Chechnya conflict that was breaking box office records in Russia. I'm pulling my hair out trying to find info on it, mainly because I can't remember what it was called:rolleyes:. I think it was made with military assistance although it doesn't make any politcal statements about the conflict just shows it as a "war is hell" kind of thing. The clips shown looked very good, and it was certainly packing them in at the cinema's (which looked more like the old Regal down the highstreet than a multiplex)

    Anyway, I know its a long shot but if anyone might be able to help me track down anything about it I'd really appreciate it.

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