Rush Clockwork Angels tour hits the UK


Was in a quandary whether I'd bother this tour (haven't missed a tour since 80 :cool:) but the price was putting me off but as they've released some tickets at £35 it would be rude not to!

Sheffield here we come, if anyone's near block 112 give us a wave :hiya:

Teddy Windsor

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Saw them at Birmingham on Sunday. Didn't know anything about the setlist beforehand but thoroughly enjoyed the strong emphasis on my favourite era.

However I thought that playing a huge clump of Clockwork Angels songs in the middle of the set killed the momentum somewhat and I've never seen Alex so lacklustre (didn't seem to be enjoying himself as much as usual and was struggling with his earpieces).

I enjoyed most of it, although it's hard to justify the £60 ticket prices, booking charges and £8 parking fee (especially as last year I went to Poland with a couple of old school friends for a long weekend, saw Muse in Lodz, stayed in a four-star hotel, while eating and drinking like kings - incredibly less than £300 for the whole thing).

Still, each time I go to see Rush these days I'm never sure if it will be the last chance I get to see them live.



Just stood in the box office picking up our tickets listening to the guys warning up! Nice


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Enjoy the show, Zone! Wish I was there.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Manchester show, although it seemed whole ranks of people who sat motionless weren't overly impressed! I know we're none of us getting any younger and don't jump up and down like we used to, but really, at least clap along!

The light show was simply amazing, yet classy too. You have to wonder where they go next with lighting at gigs.

I'm sure the ticket price had a lot to do with Manchester being only 60% (at a guess) full. Didn't stop me and my mate, who first saw them back in '81, taking our own kids though...

And I never thought I'd live to see the day when Rush had a hot girl on stage with them!


Good first half! Some old songs I haven't even played at home in 30yrs lol must revisit them at some time!

The fellas are on form :thumbup:

Roll on the second half!

Now where is my pint? :p

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