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Running Speaker Cables on outside wall advise please


Novice Member

I am wanting to add ceiling speakers to my downstairs lounge.

3 out of the 4 walls are external so I'm thinking about taking the speaker cables out through the wall nearest where my AV receiver is located.

Once the cable is outside I would look to put the cable inside plastic trunking and run this to a height of approximately 15cm above ceiling level and then drill through the wall again which should place the cables at the correct height above the ceiling. Depending on whether I go for 2 or 4 speakers and joist directions etc I presume I will have to drill between 1 to 4 holes.

Where any holes are drilled through the wall I would look to seal the hole with some sort of external sealant to protect against any rain ingress.

The house is around 1980s so external walls will be brick/cavity/breeze block I believe and the ceiling is just "conventional".

Does the above approach seem sensible?
Any issues running speaker cables outside the house?
What else do I need to think about?

Thanks for any advise given.


Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
You can probably run the cable within the cavity itself, but it can be tricky to fish it out and needs some accuracy to dropping it down to the hole where you want them to come out in the lounge.


Distinguished Member
Running down cavities is tricky if they've been filled. so your outdoor route is not a bad idea.

Some decent flexible mains cable will be fine for this. Have a look for H07 TRS, as that will resist pretty much anything, looks reasonably smart and does not need any further trunking or containment. It also won't be easily confused with any other mains cabling you may already have in the ceiling void.

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
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'I am wanting to add ceiling speakers to my downstairs lounge' - also consider sound leakage into any rooms above the lounge when planning out your install.


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