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I'm currently in the process of wiring my new living room for surround sound. My biggest problem is the usual one - running cable around the room for my rear speakers.

Unfortunately, it's laminate flooring so running the cables under the carpet isn't an option. I'm planning on running the cable along the top of the skirting board and then up the corner of the wall to the wall-mounted speaker. I'm also planning to run the cables to both speakers the same way around the room. So I need something to attach the speaker cables to the skirting board and then something to attach the cable to the corner of a wall.

So what's the best way to do this with the least permanent damage to the room? Are there any miracle products to temporarily stick the cable down? What are people's tips for running cable around a room?

I'm currently using QED Silver Micro speaker cable if that's of any consideration.



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Wilkinsons sell some plastic ducting tube for around £2/meter which you fix to your wall or skirting board. Place the wire inside and then close the lid of the ducting.

I have it around my room at the ceiling for all my cables (HDMI, VGA and Speaker cables).

Here is an example of what it looks like


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I've recently decorated my living room and done the laminate flooring thing. My original idea was the same as yours, to run the cables along the top of the skirting board.

But then I realised that from where my amp was I would have about four speaker cables running along the skirting at one point not to mention the connections from the Amp to the TV, DVD, and PS3.

I then thought about cable trunking, the white square section tubing that you sometimes see around offices hiding the telephone cables.

I was browsing on Maplins when I found this:-

It matched the laminate and the dado rail I had put up and was so easy to fit, and if you ever need to add more cable its not a problem as it just flips open. It comes in Oak and White or can be painted to suit and can be used instead of wooden beading to cover the gap left around the edge of the room after laying the laminate. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone if you like. :):):). The only trouble is you need to purchase the accessory pack separately.

Click the link in my sig and look at the last picture. Not a brilliant pic but I can post better one if you like.


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I think this is the same as the Ducting tubing I was mentioning Wilkinsons sold.

The white is good as you can paint it to match your walls if around your ceiling.

But this one you have shown Maplins sell similar colour to laminate flooring looks very nice too.


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Cheers. :)

I think the trunking idea might be a good one. I only need a small diameter piece. The only downside is that I need to go around a patio door (which will involve some corner joints) but it shouldn't be too much trouble!

The other idea I came out with was getting some flat speaker cable and using double sided tape. I think the trunking method will be best in the long run though.

There's also a Wilkinson and Maplin just around the corner from me.


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B&Q had some trunking that was similar to the scotia used to cover the expansion gap on laminate. It was similar to D-Line but cheaper i think.

I recently did my living room but was fortunate to be able to put the cables under the skirting before laying the flooring. I have used D-Line for the front speakers and to hide the twin sat cable for sky+. If its put in neatly it looks like part of the skirting.

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