Running Sky+HD through my house


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i know the correct answer to this is "get someone out to give you a quote" however, i'm just intrigued to know.

I have a four bedroom detached house which has Sky+HD in the living room only. What i would like to do is to have the option to be able to watch Sky in other rooms in the house but without using multiroom.

I have seen that company's can place a device in the loft of your house which will distribute the signal to other rooms and I wondered if anyone had done this and had a rough guide to costs in doing this?

Also can the signal be split so that a different channel can be viewed?


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I don't know what it would cost to get the signal distributed through the loft, this would depend on the equipment used and the installation cost.

In regards to watching 2 separate channels on separate tv's at the same time this can't be done without multiroom. Whatever is being watched on the box is fed out RF2 and then simultaneously shown on any other tv that is connected
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The corrrect answer is actually to do as requested in forum additional rule 3 and find whether it's been asked before - which it has, many times.;)
However, welcome to the forum, and to begin with it depends on whether you really want specifically HD throughout the house.
The normal way of doing it is to have the currently selected satellite channel, whether or not it's an HD one, sent by a co-axial cable from the Sky machine's RF2 Out socket to a distributor and from that by the same sort of cable to the extension TVs which then use an analogue programme number to give you a more or less acceptable SD picture.
So that's what you need - cable to distributor - cables from there to the other rooms.
It's normally a DIY job though I suppose there are people who'd do it for you.
The cable would cost a few pounds and the distributor about the same, but labour would multiply that a lot.
If the TVs are all HD, and that's what you want to distribute, then it gets more complicated and more expensive.
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Apologies for that but I did search the forum before hand but the answer I was looking for was not covered.

I wasn't looking for the technical way of doing this I was merely enquiring if anybody had done this recently and if so what it had cost to do.


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It will cost between £200 and £20,000 dependent on the number of "other rooms", the type of signal you want (RF, Composite, HD), whether you also want remote control of a single receiver or a separate receiver in each room. The possibilities are endless so you have to decide what you want before anyone can even give you a rough estimate.


I was merely enquiring if anybody had done this recently and if so what it had cost to do.
Someone may have paid to have it done recently.
Maybe they will see this and will give a specific response to that request.
Mine was to give an indication of what's involved, and M P has gone into more detail about that.
You also asked about watching different channels and the definite answer is that it is not possible.

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