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I'm planning on getting rid of my pc, which at the moment has a few big(ish) programs on it such as photoshop and home studio software. I was hoping that I could put these programs on to an external hard drive and then access them through my laptop, as my laptop's quite old (and slow) and I don't really want to put too any more programs on it.

I understand that some programs can only be installed on to a C drive, so for some of my programs it might not be possible anyway!

What would be the best type of hard drive to use, should I go for a home network drive, an external drive with mains connection, or one that just runs off the laptops usb? Should I be looking for a certain speed?

Any advice would be much appreciated! :thumbsup:


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You will almost certainly suffer a huge performance reduction if you install apps on an external USB drive.

Putting a bigger hard disk in your laptop would be the best way forward.



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For external drive make sure you get one with 7200 rpm and big cache.

If you clone your C drive via Norton Ghost to the external drive then in theory you should be able to use the programs on the new drive.

However as others have said they will take longer to load as compared IDE or SATA, USB used on external drives is slow.


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Thanks for your replies!

So is the general concensus that it is a bad idea? Will it all be unbearably slow?

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