running out of room on the av stand...


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still looking at either the pioneer 5100H or the Panasonic E100H, but am running out of room on the AV stand

does anyone use either unit as actual main DVD player as well?

any comments on the players themselves as if they are any good would consider dumping my pioneer 656a

Cabo 5150

Although I really love my HS2, I did primarily purchase it as a recorder and have to say I wouldn't dream of using it as my main player to run into my plasma panel. Others may disagree but IMHO opinion it's on a par with a £250-£300 stand alone player for movie playback etc., and I have a far superior machine for that purpose. Get a bigger stand. :D


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Yeah, I have to agree.

Ditched my HS2 because as a one box solution it wasn't up to it.

The Sony GX7 is easily a superb DVD PLAYER but of course you lose the HDD.

I can live with that.


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cheers Chaps :)


I have a Pioneer 656 and 5100 has replaced the HS2.The 656 certainly delivers the goods on playback,but I can't complain about the 5100 either,and have both as the 5100 is in use most of the time.The fact that the HS2 outputted NTSC as PAL 60 without menu setting changes was a sore point.
Stands Unique do some outstanding cabinets.The Ultimate Hi-Av can hold about 8 devices,but has removeable 10mm glass shelves that can be added,shifted or taken out to accomodate most things.But at well over £1000 now,they are maybe a bit too extravagant for most people.However ,looking at ads for things like Triscom at over £700,SU stuff looks far better ,and more flexible.

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