Running MPegs on XBox


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I know you can stream MPegs from a computer that it running Media Centre Edition or Vista.

But is it possible to run them if you just have XP Professional.

I know there is an add-on to Media Player that allows you to link in your XBox 360 but as far as I could tell that only supported music not movies.

If you can't do it by linking to media player is there any other method - copying to CD and playing directly on XBox for example?




Assuming you are talking about the 360 and not the xbox yes movies can be streamed with some effort and a lot of luck !
Install WMP11 and this will allow wmv format movies to be streamed.I dl'ed a wmv converter which converts to the correct format 50% of the time but the quality is poor and not of the original standard.
Another option is another free dl called Tversity.Takes some tweaking but this allows several video formats to be streamed but i'll be beggered if i can it working properly !


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what converter did you download matt? and was it free?


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best bet is to get gordon knott divx converter very quick allows for custom size divx and xvid conversion from most things

then just use transcode 360 if you are ripping a dvd and include the 5.1 track it will also play through 5.1


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Thanks for the info ...

TVersity looks interesting - I'll see if I can get it running over the next few days and report back here.




Id be interested to read how you got one and if you get it confiured properly how you did it ! I had 100+ vid files that werent even mine...I assume they were on t'internet but i couldnt find a way of just seeing mine.


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Tversity worked for me with little fuss, but was a bit fiddly to configure, make sure you have the service running as the service you installed media player with or an admin account and install fddshow with pretty much all options checked.

To limit the list of files to the ones you actually want to watch - on the sharing tab, select the video feeds option (the one with the RSS icon) then select file and delete. This will delete the internet based streams from TVersitys library, then create a folder to hold all the avi's that you want to stream to the 360 and share it out.

Jobs a good'un

My setup for this is a 360 connected via ethernet to the router, with the TVersity machine being my old Thinkpad A31p laptop (2ghz PM & 1GB RAM) with an 802.11b card connected wirelessly to the router.

I fiddled with the TVersity settings setting everythink for low speed connections, and the output res to 648x480 and it came out pretty watchable, it does take around 10-15 seconds for playback to start once you hit play on the 360 though.


And I haven't tested it yet, but TVersity is supposed to transcode, for playback on the 360, any file that is playable on your PC as long as you have the codec installed, this includes (quoted from TVersity)
AVI (including Divx3/4/5/6, Xvid, and others),
MPEG1/2/4 (including H.264), MP3 and AAC,
Qucktime MOV,
Real Video/Audio/RMVB,
OGG Vorbis and OGM
FLAC, WMA lossless, Monkey Audio (APE), Musepack Audio (MPC) and Wavpack
Flash Video
Matroska (MKA and MKV)

And many more.... apparently!


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Thanks the tip about TVersity.

Finally got round to trying it it and got it working first time out of the box.

Works well.

Thanks again,


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