Running way?




My new PV500 is due to arrive today.

I was wondering about the running in period. Is there a 'best' way to do this?

Does it make any difference if you just leave it on continuously for long periods, to try and get it run in more quickly, or is it best to just let it clock up the hours using it normally (which would only be about 4 hours max per day - so it would take almost 2 months to reach 200 hours)?

Thanks for any comments.




Took delivery of my TH-37PV500 Hi Def set yesterday. I have immediately taken it out of Dynamic mode and set it to normal, upon advice shown in these forums. I have also reduced contrast and colour levels to 50%.

I have to say I am myself still unclear as to whether this is really necessary and for what reason? When you take it out of dynamic mode you do notice the difference in brightness and colour, but after a couple of hours in Normal mode you have forgotten as the picture is superb.

Last night I watched Sky's highlights of the Champions League and there was absolutely no blurring as the players moved around the pitch. Must be down to the wizzy techie bit inside this plasma that is supposed to reduce or remove that blur effect on fast movements! Anyway it was fantastic and I really found myself sitting in the sofa thinking "blimey this is THE way to watch movies and sport"

After day 1 of owning this Plasma I can say I have a new love in my life, move over wifie! :thumbsup:

If anyone can advise on the whole running in process and whether it really is necessary or not I would love to hear about it. Thx.

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