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As I mentioned on another thread my house is in a fair state with escape if water.

I am about to buy a new TV and the hdmi cables installed previously were high speed and I want to run a third ultra high speed for my xbox series x.

First question can you recommend a hdmi ultra fast cable suitable for behind wall.

Second question
Previous tv installer ran cables behind the house woodern frame as they knocked a hole through and I can see external brick.
Now is it possible to run the cable through the stud wood ( I think that name) or should I just try run it same as other wires?

Third question is similar to above
In kitchen the TV installer couldn't run cable behind wall so used e ternary trunking and I want to get rid of this. The trunking was simply to run connection to the double plan is to drill through two of the stud wall wood to let me pass it through.

Additionally I quite like to run a network cable from my livingroom to my kitchen. It would be on same external facing wall but my living room and kitchen have a wall separating them. Can I simply drill holes through wood stud until I get where TV would be?


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It's impossible to answer most of those questions without someone being there and seeing for themselves, but some photos might help people here to advise. You also don't actually say (or have in your profile) which country you're from and houses can be built quite differently in different parts of the world.

But, generally speaking, if you already have AV cables in place behind your wall then it does make sense to use the existing route unless you have a good reason not to. Provided there is enough room for additional cables, it may be possible to pull a new cable through - there are various ways of doing this. When pulling AV cables, it's the size of the plug at each end that can make this difficult when space is tight.

Passing cables through a (hollow) stud wall is normally fairly straight-forward, but you have to be extremely careful to avoid any gas or water pipes and electrical cables already in the cavity, as well as any of the wooden studwork. There may be a good reason when the TV installer didn't do this although, admittedly, they were probably more concerned with doing the job quickly than neatly !

Choice of HDMI cable for any of these applications will be the same as usual - choose a good quality, well-made cable that is certified to the speed (and supports the features) you need. Also make sure that the cable is plenty long enough to connect at both ends, because you don't want to be fishing this back out if it's too short ! Just bear in mind if it's a long cable run, that there are limits as to how far you can transmit a 4K signal via HDMI reliably, so trying the cable out before burying it in the wall would be recommended.

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