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I'm moving my TV, Sky etc to another area in the living room. I have no problem running the cables behind the skirting then I run into the doorways and my problems start.

How do I get the cable past the doorways without going around the doorframe? Or is there a nice conduit that would run round the doorframe and look like it was part of it?

Thanks in advance for any advice


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A conduit would be a bit too bulky wouldn't it ? I'd rather cut a channel out of the bottom of the door frame. The wood if often quite thick.

If you don't want to cut into the doorframe, one problem could be clearance for the door. You may just need to cut off the bottom corner of the door so it doesn't catch the cables.

If you're wanting to go round the door opening side of the doorframe, be aware that people may bump their feet into the cables. Most doorframes are not simply flat edges. So to route a cable tight against the wood profile would require a few sharp kinks around the corners - which isn't ideal.

However, if you're saying that you going behind the skirting, this sounds like you're doing some work in the house ? If so, can you not route the cables under the floorboards that traverse the doorframe ? I've done this with telephone, s-video and audio cables in the past. You could even get away with drilling a largish hole either side, poke a curved bit of wire through the holes, and feed the cables through that way - i.e. without lifting up any floorboards.

Alternatively, if you don't mind drilling and a bit of chisel work, you could drill through the wall, and pass the cables through that way. Even better, install AV sockets either side of the wall (probably not possible with HDMI/Optical).

Or, if it's just to watch TV (non-HD) in another room, I'd highly recommend a wireless AV transmitter:

HQ 5.8GHz Video Sender Kit : 5.8GHz Video Senders : Maplin

The quality is as good as a standard composite video cable (not great, but good enough for some people). Your receiver remote control will pass through this device too. This really works better than you'd think.

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Does the room have coving? If so rip off the coving, run the cables up the inside the wall, tack around the ceiling and refit the coving. The lightweight paper covered polyurethane foam coving is really easy to work with.


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What cables are you routing?
Most AV can be sent over cat 5 (google for 'baluns', eg--madnat, muxlabs) which is a whole easier to run than say a full Scart, HDMI, component etc. You may be able to use a smaller conduit, 'Dline' would probably look okay around a door architrave.

I've used 5.8Ghz senders to some degree of success but found awful interference from microwave, local wireless kit, and dect phones.
Your mileage may vary in this respect, but I ended up replacing mine with svideo/stereo baluns from madnat and a run of cat5 between my sky box and my kitchen. Picture quality over a 20m run is pretty good.

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