Running AV Receiver close to PC/Monitor.

Which setup should I go for?

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I thought this the best forum to ask since it involves PCs and a home cinema receiver. I recently bought a Sony STRDE495 for my PC. I set it all up and rearange printer etc but soon after had "signal ringing" problems on my monitor. I got everything away from the PC and the problem has now gone.

Ok, probably best I try describe my problem with pictures :)

I have the basic setup in the pictures below. I need somewhere for my home cinema receiver and have two options. I am worried that with option number one I risk damaging my PC, hard disk (and it's data) and disrupting my monitor somehow.

When in a variation of option two with the receiver to the far left above the monitor the monitor bounced by just under 1 mm every few seconds. Very annoying, and obviously interfering with the monitor.

Are home cinema receivers shielded such that no, or little interference will get outside them? I'm guessing not with all those ventilation holes and that big heat sink inside the STRDE495.

Option one

Option two

Any thoughts or advice on this appreciated. Apologies for the poor picture quality as these were taken with my T610, the only dig camera I have.

Thanks in advance.
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