running an X-box/other console off of an Eltax Nova?


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as the topic says does anyone have any idea on how i can set my x-box up to run as the eltax only has one scart lead socket which i curently have running to the back of the tv?


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Hi, I'm guessing you want it connected for the Sound rather than anything else. I'm not entirely sure what audio connections the Xbox has... optical?

well it depends on your TV, and if you have any other devices. You could use an S-Video cable for the DVD player to your TV if you have the connection then this will free up the Scart socket. This is what i use as i have it connected to the LCD which has no scart at all! :)

If you dont have this possibility you could use a VCR or something which has more than one scart (preferably 3) and piggy back them ie. TV-VCR, VCR -DVD, VCR- X-Box

Thats my only suggestions, there could be other ways.

I personally have a gamecube running off it, with just the Audio phono's going in to the AUX connection which gives me Dolby Pro-Logic II, i dont believe you would get Dolby Digital/DTS from just the Scart connection.

Cheers rob


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thanx for the input ive manged to get around it by putting the audio in the aux sockets and the video one into the back of the tv
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