Running an ariel and Virgin media through the same coax cable trough the house


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Hi I am a little confused one how to do this please advise. The problem is we have coax going through the house. It comes in through the living room. Undeder the floor. To a splitter under the stairs. In to Virgin media TiVo box in to living room. Up through the cupboard in my moms wardrobe. Into a spliter in my room which provides the signal to my V6 and Broadband. What we want to do is. Add a new ariel from the roof onto the existing cabling in the house. Put a splitter on to the cable in the living room to split it to the TIVO. Box. Then I want to cut the cable in my moms roof. Add in a sperate splitter. Going to my moms tv and into the loft. And then run the splitter in my room for the V6 broadband and freeveiw on my tv. Will I go about doing this. I have heard of combination 2 way splitters. But they say you need multiple ones. And they don't explain how to do it with virgin. And through separate splitters in the network as well. Can you please advise
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