Running a new plasma in


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Seen this phrase a lot and I get my new plasma tomorrow, but unsure what it means. So how do I run my new Plasma in and how does it benefit me?


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take it to London tomorrow strapped to your back, and run the London Marathon, it will get a run in like no other! :rotfl:

right now i have finished being an idiot, run in means turning the settings down for the 1st 200 hours so that the Plasmas phosphur is gradually 'bought to life' - if settings are too high initially there is a higher risk of screen burn in (a logo eg bbc perm burnt onto screen) and / or retention, (temp image burnt onto screen, which washes out) - the reality is there is hardly any risk of this happening.

However it is a case of better safe than sorry, and it is scientifically prven it is better for your set, and can overall enhance the picture of the Plasma a few hundred hours down the line.

A good yardstick is to put everything on 25% (contrast, colour, brightness etc etc) for 1st 200 hours, put plasma on cinema mode (which is best anyway!), whatever you do even if you liek bright lairy colours - dont leave set on dynamic setting............

dont worry about it too much, play safe (an actor said to a bishop) for 1st couple hundred hours and you will be laughing :thumbsup:

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