Run (Netflix) Movie Review & Comments


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I found it a little bland with too many tried and tested thriller troupes.
However it’s pretty efficient, regularly putting the young lead through the ringer, keeping the the thrills coming although I never truly felt our heroine wasn’t going to make it through. Sarah Paulson was solid as her foe.
Ending left a bit of sour taste.
Have to agree, it was cliche after cliche. Not boring by any stretch but would have been disappointing if this was a trip to the cinema.



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I enjoyed this, a solid film even if not a great one. Surprised about the negative comments about the ending, I thought it was quite good!


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A nice little film this one and pleased you liked it. It didn’t try to overreach itself and I thought the young actress in particular was very good - didn’t realise she was a real life wheelchair user and hope she is cast again on the back of this.


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Refreshing to see a tightly written tense thriller coming in at under 90 minutes. Reminds me of how films used to me made without being overblown and outstaying their welcome. Which is about 95% of films made since about 1965!


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Watched tonight and it was decent. A lot of plot holes but we just put these to one side and enjoyed it. Great performance by Kiera Allen just superb !
The ending for us was fine

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