Rumours of Bad DVD copies. True or False? Why?


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I am considering purchasing a Panasonic E85 with the intention of writing to DVD's rather than Video cassette. I have videos that I recorded 15 years ago that are seemingly as good/ bad as when I first recorded them so I was concerned about the following two stories. Please explain/ confirm/ deny/ comment.

1. Some DVD home copies become unreadable after as little as a year.

2. Some home written DVD's are unreadable when first played & media is the possible problem.


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Try a search, both these topics have been covered in great detail.

Nothing lasts forever, including your tapes, I have found some of my original tapes are so degraded as to not be watchable, and recording quality has also improved significantly over 15 years as well.
If the tapes are irreplaceable in content you should probably make multiple recording of each using different media, and ideally using different methods as well
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