Ruipro 4k (30m) with Splitter/Switch retaining ARC/CEC? (Sky Q UHD to two rooms from one box)


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Hi all - first post on here but a long time reader!

So I have an issue to resolve that all flows from the fact that Sky Q is not available in UHD on a mini box - which by the way is sooooo frustrating.

The key points are:
  • I am in the process of refurbing a house and will have a 58'' TV in my family living room and then a 75'' in the open plan dining room;
  • I will be watching most of my TV in the living room, so want the main Sky Q UHD content in there, which means having the main Sky Q box in there;
  • I will definitely be watching lots of sport/movies in the open plan dining room. Most of the movie content I watch comes from streaming services - so 4k content not an issue as I have the relavant subscription.
  • Sport, however, will mainly be Sky and therefore limited to 1080i Sky Q minibox content in the open plan - annoying.
  • As you will have guessed by now, this is all about getting UHD/Atmos Sky feeds in the open plan dining room.
My set up in my current living room (which works really well and which I would like to keep in my new living room, is:
  • SkyQ and Fire TV cube connected to my TV, ARC output to AV receiver and Atmos surround system;
  • Fire TV cube set up to control equipment (using CEC). (Note - I have my sources connected through TV rather than receiver as there is a seemingly well known CEC handshake issue that means my Fire TV Cube struggles to automatically control streaming app resolution when sources connected through the receiver).
If at all possible I would essentially like to mirror this in the open plan, plus the best option for delivering UHD Sky. ie I will have a second Fire TV Cube and Sky mini hooked up to my TV, ARC from TV to my soundbar plus some way of delivering Sky UHD.

I have done a lot of reading but am no expert by any stretch of the imagination! Essentially from what I can gather I have the following choices:
  1. Suck it up and watch sport in 1080 in the open plan;
  2. Splitter and Ruipro 30m optical HDMI - sounds like it would work from a signal point of view (assuming a decent enough splitter) but you lose ARC/CEC which would be an issue for me;
  3. Swtich (4x2?) and Ruipro 30m optical HDMI - think this would help with retaining CEC but would mean the faff of another remote to switch to where Sky is needed (not the end of the world). There are a lot of expensive switches out there that do more than I need them to - I really just want a high quality 1 source to 2 output switch than is easily activated (remote? app?) and can cope with ARC/CEC, 4k and Atmos.
  4. HDBaseT setup with ethernet cabling. From what I can gather this would allow simultaneous output to both TVs but retain CEC etc and infra red remote signals from the other room?
So what I am hoping for from you lovely lot is:
  1. Confirmation as to whether you agree that the above are my only/main options (and my take on whether/how they work makes sense); and
  2. Recommendations as to how I can best set up each option / what kit would work best (value for money preferable but I have a bit of a blank canvas so all ideas welcome)
I hope that makes sense! Thank you in advance for your time reading and any help you can provide :)

EDIT - I'm currently thinking the HDBaseT solution is the best one from a cost and effectiveness perspective.

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Have similar problem, trying out the optical cable solution and splitter later today as cable arrives today in theory. Issue I have is I really want to keep at 18 G connection so I can have 4 2 2 at 10bit, cheaper solutions lose this. Also can introduce hdcp handshake issues. If cable successful and can get 4 2 2 and atmos to second room plan to use hdfury integral2 as switch. Then will try to put LUMAGEN before switch, to get DTM in both rooms.

see my post on results


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