Rugby - is it ever on Sky Sports 1?


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Feb 2, 2004
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I'm thinking of reducing my subscription to Sky. I'm going to try getting rid of the movie channels and subscribing to a DVD rental service instead. If I watch one movie a week at £10 a month then that will be more than I'm getting out of Sky at the moment.

The only sport I habitually watch is Rugby (Union.) It's just occurred to me that I can't ever remember watching any on Sky Sports 1. Do you reckon it would be safe to reduce my sports subscription to 2 and 3?
If I subscribe to Sky Sports 2 only it costs £5.50 a month less than Sports World plus I get Sports 3. Rugby is usually on 2 or 3, I'm not sure if it's ever on 1.

If I do decide to keep all the sports channels then being able to have some movie channels for "free" would be a bonus. However if there's no rugby on Sky 1 then the "free" channels would be costing me £5.50.

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