Rubbish TV picture, about to gice up


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Morning all,

Right here's the problem, the tv picture on MCE 2005 is worse then my digi box. It looks like the picture is zoomed, it's blocky & there are 5 hoizontal lines.

I'm using a HDMi cable with VGI converter @ 1 end (PC), it connects to Radeon X300 & a LEXOR 32in HD LCD TV. The TV cards arre both WinTV 88x DVB-T Hybrid Tuners.

I don't seem to get the problem when I use S-video, but again the qulity of picture is not as good as the digibox.

I'm getting it in the ear from the little lady, so any help would be gret




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click the info button on the remote and select zoom, it will cycle thriough various options.

What sort of resoloution is it set to ? is this compatable with the screen you are using ?

I have been using MCE for 2 1/2 years now and the image is better than any digibox I have seen as is the menu and ease of use. Stick with it as its well worth it


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Don't gice up! :D

My guess it's your VGA to HDMI converter. Can't you use DVI to HDMI or VGA to VGA?

My only other suggestion is try the Nvidia PureVideo decoder. It solves many problems, but yours sounds a bit extreame.


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Guys, thanks for your words of support.

Stiggy - The cable is a HDMI cable with a VGA converter @ 1 end to connect to the graphics card. I've tried it on a normal monitor (VGA to VGA) & get the same problem.

newstuart - I thought it was the zoom option at first but when I flick through the options it just gets worse. I'll take another look at the resolution.

I'm sure it was better before I installed roll-up 2, is there a way I can revert back to the original to test this?


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