Ruark R3 Wireless Speaker Review & Comments


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Anything I've heard by Ruark sounds great. The 48khz bit is insignificant in my opinion, isn't that cd quality anyway?

Nice looking unit


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A gigantic step forward in audio innovation bringing human sound assimilation to previously unimaginable accomplishments. This sea change in sound evolution is equivalent to triumphs comparable to sending man to the moon or the invention of the wheel.

also it be sounding amazings when playing “Yah Yah Ding Dong”.


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Looks very nice and as I currently have several hundred CDs but nothing to play them on, worth considering. However I’m also an Apple a music subscriber with many Apple devices. The R3 appears not to support AirPlay which is a shame. Wondering also how the sound quality or the R3 would compare with my current set up in the living room - a pair of Homepods as a “stereo pair”.

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