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Question Ruark Audio R2 MkIII opinions


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I'm just about to send back 2xSony SRSX77's which I got for £299 and splash out an extra £100 on one of these Ruark Audio R2 MkIII, we just can't get on with the Sony's however much we try to like them!


My concern around the Ruark Audio (apart from the fact that I can't find it for less than £400 anywhere!) is that there seems to be a general lack of customer review around, it kind of looks like they are not very popular (only 4 reviews on amazon), plenty of great industry reviews though. I have to admit I may just not be looking in the right places?

Does anyone on here own them and have any opinions on them? What is their direct competition?
Thanks for any help,


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I am very keen on one of these too. I listened to the R4 in John Lewis and that was great though has alot more power than the R2. I am a bit worried it might be under powered. They didn't have the R2 for me to test.


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Hi, thanks for the replies, I tried to buy the R2 from John Lewis but unfortunately found the staff to be only capable of reading the outside of the box so instead I ordered from Peter Tyson Online after reading good reviews on here and emailing them a query about the multiroom which they responded to with the answer very quickly. They also do a 3 year warranty as standard while others just offer 1 year or JL offer 2 years.

As for the actual R2 I love it so far, it's in our dining room (around 3m x 3m) which it fills fine and it sounds much better than the sony SR77's did. It's very easy to setup and everything I've tried so far just works straight away, the spotify connect works great too

I think I've finally found a system that keeps me (functionality) and the wife (ease of use & sound quality) happy!

The only thing I do find a little odd is that the R2 is the only model that will multiroom so I plan to buy an R1 for the bedroom and when we finally get round to opening out the dining room and kitchen was planning to move the R2 to the lounge and get an R4 for the new bigger kitchen dining room, it would be good to be able to multiroom all of them but this won't be possible at the moment.

edit - Oh and it is an unfair comparison I'm doing, I'm aware of that, the sony's were £299 for a pair while the R2 is £399 for one unit. I for one am very happy with the additional spend.
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