Rtings: The LG B1 vs LG C1


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Comparing the Rtings review for the B1 and C1, they are basically equal and in some areas the B1 is better than the C1.



The B1 beats the C1 in: Grey uniformity, viewing angles, both pre and post calibration color accuracy(!), color gamut, color volume, gradient handling, stutter, and sound frequency response.

The only advantages I can see are the C1 has 2 more HDMI 2.1 ports, LFC on the screens VRR and slightly better brightness. The price difference is £360 in the UK looking at what both screens have been discounted to recently at Costco in the UK.

So how come I hardly ever see anyone recommending the B1?


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I think the B1 is a realtivly recent release, its usually not much cheaper than the C1 (eg Hughes atm) and the CX was the go to LG OLED in last years range, so the C1 natuarlly sits in that slot. Things might change though, especially if Rtings has it right regarding B1 be better for movies.

I've just recieved (today) my B1 as a warranty replacement for a faulty B8 (diagnosed cold solder joint on edge of panel, resulting in vertical line of dead pixels that sent TV into shut down when it warmed up). They (Domestic&General) tried to palm me off with an A1, but I pointed out the differences between A1 and B8, and similarities with B1, I got it for an extra £20. They wanted £300 for the C1.


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I think that review of B1 and C1 should be taken with some salt really, click the sections on the right hand side (mixed usage, sports etc) its like they just copy n pasted specs and just jumbled the text around to make it look a different review. Also what difference if any is movies 9.3 vs movies 9.4.

Sounds like all those differences mentioned are down to panel variance since they are so close.

Id stick with C1 due to higher level brightness, should help out in all areas, tv series, movies, games etc but only if you afford it and want those extra features.


The differences are negligeable and could indeed very well be down to panel variance: LG B1 OLED vs LG C1 OLED Side-by-Side TV Comparison
Only the out-of-the-box accuracy seems to be an actual thing, Flatpanels C1 review shows similar poor results for ISF Dark (for the white balance LG C1 OLED review) which strangely enough isn't really addressed in the text other than
'As discussed in the calibration section, only small adjustments to the color balance were required to approach reference picture quality, so even if you are not planning to pay for professional calibration you can get very close.
Also some aspects of Rtings testing are just filler material which they still have to find a better test method for, upscaling and motion (interpolation for example) for one which could be an actual difference between Alpha 7 (B1 and below) and 9 (C1 and above) picture processors.
But that is a huge price difference ..., B1 would indeed be the better value for money option, especially when you leave out the (modern/future) gaming aspect.
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