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It was my birthday yesterday :D

I`d wanted a new set of headphones because up until now I`d been using a cheap set of panasonic cans so My gf said she`d buy me a new set. Now although I`ve read here that cordless cans are crap and after reading mixed reviews of the rs 85's I ordered a set.

I`m not a headphone expert but I have to say that i`m really impressed with these. The sound quality is really clear and I cant hear any hiss in the background, they feel really comfy and best of all I can now walk around the house and still listen to music without annoying other peeps :D

They sound a lot better that my current speakers which admittedly are only eltac 350`s but still I` love the cans!

Just thought I`d post because I`ve read so many ppl slagging them off that i` though it was time someone stuck up for them :D


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I'll second that!

Can't fault them and with 2 batteries supplied - hours of listening pleasure!

Comfortable and sound fantastic


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Those of you considering buying RS85s but not yet committed, I'd advise you to at least consider buying the RS65s instead. Things may have changed since RS60/RS80 days, but at that time the RS80s really didn't (IMO, obviously) justify the price differential. In fact I think they may have even sounded a little "flatter" than the RS60s. Still, YMMV and all that. :)


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The price difference at unbeatable is 30 quid so as nicolas says give each of them a consideration.

I`m more than happy with the rs85`s and withg them being a birthday present the extra price wasnt a problem because of the amount of cas my gf ad wanted to spend



need to get a set of wireless Phones i dont know much about them but their seems to a huge different in price. I am really interested in the Sennheiser range but i am bit confues on the range as their seems to be quite a few i.e.


I will only be using these for dvd's occasionally and the odd bit of internet radio...I was looking at the RS-65's and 45's but what is the differnce in simple terms (besides the difference in cost)

Then i saw the RD120 (cheaper by a good bit) can anyone give me any advice on this?



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