Rs8, Rs6



Your opinions about the new Monitor Audio's?
RS8 & RS6.


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The RS1 is having brave reviews.

As for the others only the RS6 would have my vote...

I still prefer bookshelf speakers, but the S6/RS6 are nice.


Looks fantastic, I'll be demoing the RS1’s and RS 6 as well as the RS W12 in the next couple of weeks. Will let you know


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Or S series at great prices now and better looks... :thumbsup:


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i love my S series setup, S6, SLCR, SFX sides, S2 rears.......S6's work sooooooo nicely in stereo with classical or acoustic music, yet can still pump out some dance as well :)

would be interested to know how the new RS compare, cuz i do need another pair of SFX's for rear duty so my S2's can become diagonal surrounds for multichannel music.....i cant afford for a good few months tho so most likely will have to get RSFX and am interested to know if there is much difference in the sound...dont want it all mixed up....


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I allmost bought a 2x S2 +2x S1 + SLCR set up... :thumbsup:


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viper330 said:
Your opinions about the new Monitor Audio's?
RS8 & RS6.
Bought the RS6s 2 months ago. Very nice speakers, indeed: clear, detailed and with lots of oomph. Suspect you will need the RS8s for rooms bigger than 25 m2, though.


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I thought the only diff was the looks of the speakers?? And the new sub design, which does look very good.


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