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Hi all,

I'm going to demo some Quad 21L and MA RS5 at the weekend. I have a question regarding the positioning of the RS5, I see from the spec sheet that they are Rear ported, Bass reflex. What effect does this have on placement? My current speakers are either side of the tv in the alcove and partly in front of the bay window on the left, probably 2ft from the wall. Would these speakers work well in this environment?

Any comments on these two speakers in general more than welcome. They would be hooked up to an Arcam AVR200 and Rotel CD player.


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One thing to be aware of regarding the Quad speakers is they are not magnetically shielded, so if you have a CRT TV then you need (according to Quad who I asked the question of relating to the 21L) 1m between your speakers and your TV to avoid picture distortion. If you have a plasma or LCD ignore the above!

I've had MA Silver S1 and currently have MA GR10 (both rear ported) and they were/are about 15" from the rear wall, and 3-4' from the side walls, with no problems at all. You can experiment with the foam bungs provided if you feel the bass is a bit out of control, but 2' should be fine.


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Thanks for pointing that out GW43. Not really worth considering the Quads at the moment then as I do have a CRT. Im suprised the guy didn't ask the question when he knew it was part of a 5.1 setup. To be honest my currentl floorstanders are not magnetically shielded either but fortunately they don't appear to do any harm but this is the main reason for replacing them.

What othher speakers could I consider in this price range. I have listened to the IQ5's and I was dissapointed with them.


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MA RS5 are magnetically shielded, I place them one foot away from the either side of my TV, and 20 cm away from the rear wall. I have experimented with different placement positions, they appear to be quite flexible and produce pretty good sound on my A65+ and Denon 2106.


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dont forget you can bung the ports to help with placement....

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