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"The ever-generous Ubisoft has released yet more free downloadable content for Rainbow Six 3 on Xbox, with the fifth and sixth multiplayer maps now available for Live subscribers to suck down the pipe.

We haven't tried them out yet, but the first one is apparently loacted in a German-based train yard, while the other is set in a Los Angeles parking garage"

From EuroGamer.



when are these new maps coming out do you know or are you making it up manic. :clown:

could this be another one of captains plans to keep us off PGR2
as he can't drive to save loopy's live. which is a shame as i have him straped to a train track.:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

Come save him if you dare!!!!!!!!


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why save him im sure manic and loopy would prefer to use a remote chage on him whilst strapped to train track, and im more than sure he won't say a word if you used your vibero on him Easy whilst strapped down lol :laugh: :rotfl: :thumbsup:

Probly just say ohh ahh do it to me baby :D

OOPs Fell on it again :censored:



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The New maps are coming............. taken off ubisofts forum

The new maps have been resubmitted to Microsoft and are currently going through the Certification/QA process.

IF the maps pass all stages of Certification (i.e. no bugs violating the MS TCR found) then they will be released. When they will be released is unknown at this time as they are still going through the Certification/QA process.
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